Veritas Sighisoara

Veritas is a Christian organization that seeks to make a positive difference in the lives of the people of Sighisoara through service to the community, a variety of educational programs, and intercultural exchange.

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Veritas is located in the historic town of Sighisoara in the Transylvania region of Romania.  For more than ten years we have been offering social services and educational programs to a wide range of local people. Founded on the conviction that all people are the
 children of God with common needs and unique potential, Veritas seeks to empower those to whom we minister through a variety of programs:


  •  Preschool and Kids' Clubs for disadvantaged Roma (gypsy) children
  •  Elderly Clubs and visits to housebound elderly
  •  Special Needs Program
  •  Domestic Violence Program
  •  Educational services and community events
  •  International Cafe

The Veritas team is unique in that it consists of a rich mix of Romanian staff working together with volunteers from the local  community and from other countries - the United States, Great Britain, the Netherlands, Germany, and even Pakistan.  Romanian staff represent the major ethnic groups of Transylvania - Hungarian, German and Roma - and belong to a variety of churches, Romanian Orthodox, Reformed, Lutheran, Nazarene, Baptist, Brethren,  Adventist, Charismatic.  We seek to live out the unity in diversity that Christ expects of His followers as we serve others in His name.

Veritas grew out of the Romanian Studies Program which, since 1995, has brought more than 350 American university and college students to Sighisoara for a semester, a summer term, or a shorter trip involving cross-cultural study and service.  Initially students started programs to meet needs they encountered in the community - today they work alongside the Veritas staff and continue to make valued contributions.

The work of Veritas is supported mainly through donations from individuals in the United States and Great Britain.  Efforts to increase the amount of local support are important for long-term sustainability, but meanwhile outside help is very much needed.